My principal area of practice is family law.  I have experience providing legal representation to my clients on child custody and visitation, child support, divorce, parentage, domestic violence, adoption, legal separation, and guardianship.

I serve clients in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, and San Benito counties.

I keep the rates I charge my clients low.  We can arrange to meet at my office in Sunnyvale or another location that is convenient for you.

I generally try to take a no-nonsense approach to litigation.  I am well aware that people with family lawsuits, for the most part, are very unhappy about the entire situation that brings them to court, and can hardly afford the services of a lawyer.  Frequently, nobody “wins” in family court.  Still, if you have an issue that requires resolution in family court, the services of a family lawyer can be very important in helping you overcome the worst effects and move on with your life.

In many cases, divorces, legal separations, and parentage actions can be carried through from beginning to end without ever having a real hearing in court other than so-called “status conferences” at which no substantive decisions need be made.  Some cases may even be completed without a status conference.  Even in such cases, getting your documents right can be crucially important, and the assistance of an experienced family law attorney can be very valuable.  For many clients with low-conflict cases, full-scope representation by a lawyer in court may not be necessary, and it may be enough simply to have a lawyer help them prepare court documents that they can submit themselves.

If you think you might have a family law issue, contact me today for a free telephone consultation.